Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Reborn Renault Alpine confirmed

New concept gets 395bhp V6 and could make production within 30 months if Renault can make a business case
Grainy leaked image shows DeZir styling influences for new Renault Alpine concept

The Renault Alpine will be unveiled as a stunning new concept car at this weekend’s Monaco grand prix, the company has confirmed.

Although details remain scarce, Renault has confirmed that the car will be unveiled in Monaco at 2pm UK time on Friday.

A leaked image has surfaced on the internet of the concept, which shows the 21st century Alpine’s styling is heavily influenced by the acclaimed DeZir concept first shown at the 2010 Paris motor show.

Renault design chief Laurens van den Acker confirmed to Autocar earlier this year that Renault was keen to mark the 50th anniversary of the original Alpine A110 with a new concept.

The Alpine concept is understood to be based on the tube-framed chassis of the Megane Trophy race car. Power is reportedly from a mid-mounted V6 with 395bhp and 310lb ft.
Marketing boss Stephen Norman told Autocar at the Geneva motor show that Renault would “do everything we can to make it [the Alpine] work” for production. “If we could make the sums work, which we are desperately trying to do, we could do it in 30 months.”

If the Alpine made production, Renaultsport would lead the development as Norman described Alpine and Renaultsport as “dissociable”.
“Alpine would be a Renaultsport-developed car but sold as an Alpine,” he said.

But Norman cautioned that positioning the car could be tricky. “Where would it slot in? It would be a lightweight, high-performance sports car, but you cannot produce cars with rubber mats and manual window winders any more. They don’t sell.

“Similarly, with Alpine, you don’t just lift parts off the Renault components shelf.

“We wouldn’t make an Alpine to lose money. It probably means a) that the car has to have worldwide appeal and b) you wouldn’t want to do it on your own. It probably needs more than the Renault-Nissan Alliance on its own.”

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